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Whenever Nikki of LiveEco calls us with a project brief we know it’s going to be good! LiveEco had started an annual sustainable design competition called Remake, which Nikki asked us to rebrand. It’s a great competition that challenges students and emerging designers to create mainstream clothing and objects while adhering to sustainable design principles and eliminating waste in their production methods.  


We went down the rabbit whole of re-designing the logo but (as it sometimes happens) we came back to the original logo. Instead, what we focused on was developing a brand language, iconography style and a fresh and edgier colour palette that would inspire fashion and interior design students. We also put our copy-writing skills to good use and came up with these simple brand extensions to differentiate the fashion and interior categories: ‘Re-dress your design’ and ‘Re-build your design’.


The Remake rebrand turned out to be our very own design challenge…and we think we may have been the winners of this round;)