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Russel Wasserfall

The very charming and talented photographer, writer and all round food genius Russel Wasserfall picked us girls to design his identity for him – and how could we possibly have resisted! (It was his good looks and manly hands that sealed the deal – that and the fact that he is one of Roxy’s dearest friends!)


Our brief was a tall order: design an identity that encompassed all of Russel’s professional talents…most notably a photographer, copywriter, food critic, journalist and restaurateur. Our solution was to develop a simple, contemporary identity with a charming foodie flair that could be applied across a number of elements.


Along with the identity, we created a set of quirky illustrations of his craft – a camera, pen, food utensils, veggies and of course a pig and chicken for the carnivore that is Russell. We also developed an imprint logo for his joint cookbook publishing business with Jacana Media.


We’ve collaborated with Russell on a number of projects and look forward to many more adventures!